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    'Create pdf' in Pads Logic




      I've created a schematics in PADS Logic VX1.1 running on window 8.1.

      After using the command ' create pdf', the text is being stretched. Left side of the picture below is the result against the original on the right.

      The default font is 'Verdana' in schematics. All settings in Adobe PDF creator are the same as the system running on window 7.

      I tried changing the font to 'Tahoma'. The 'TYPE COMPANY XXXX......' turns out okay. But the page # for the off-page is unreadable. See attached picture below.


      I am urgently waiting for a solution for this.




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          Hi Jacqueline,


          I have the same issue on my workstation. If generated it on another workstation (same PADS Version 9.3.1 SP2) it works there with the same schematics.


          Here is how it should look like:

          Here how it is printed on my workstation (WRONG):

          Here is how it is printed on someone else's workstation (CORRECT):


          What I have also noticed is that inside the two PDF's the FONT is included (VERDANA in my case) but with different space width definitions:

          Have a look here:


          What is interesting is that the "WIDTH"'s have changed and if I analyze the two files I must say that I see that the FONT is the same but the spacing between the letters has changed (expanding its length).

          What I have also noticed it that the values of the WIDTH on the left side correspond to more or less 125% of the values on the right side (just checked 3 different values).


          Could it be that it has something to do with the Windows FONT size? I'm not using the default settings.


          Still I could not fix it by changing it.Hope someone else or Mentor Graphics can solve it.


          Regards Leonardo

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            I found a temporary solution for this issue which can be tried. In my case this problem seems to be linked to the screen resolution of some PC monitor configurations.


            Changing the screen resolution before creating the PDF will temporarily resolve this issue.

            If my default screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 shown in red above, I get this stretched text issue when creating a PDF. If I change the resolution to anything else, this is no longer a problem and the PDF created is as expected.


            However, this is only working for the current user login session. If the PC is restarted or the user is logged out, the problem is back even if the new screen resolution setting is still valid. In this case changing back to the 1920 x 1080 resolution will fix the issue but only for this current login session.



            Best regards,



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              Thanks to you both for your posts in our community. I am going to move it to the more appropriate product-specific PADS community where it will receive greater visibility.

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                Can you tell me where you moved this to? Is there any resolution? We are running Dell laptops and have exactly the same problem, Works fine on the desktop but doesn't work on the laptop.

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                  I tried both methods and both didn't work.


                  The only font that doesn't change much is ' Times New Roman'