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Key Binding on PlaceMode, RouteMode and Draw Mode.

Question asked by ivanhooi on Nov 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by ivanhooi

Hi All,


I have tried out the example of key binding example, but I'm trying to bind those function which is not listing in the menu like place/route/draw mode and even hover snap.

Anyone please help to enlighten me?


Here are the examples of the key binding I'm using.


BindMenu = 0

BindAccelerator = 1

BindCommand = 1



Dim keyBindTables

Set keyBindTables = Gui.Bindings("Document")


keyBindTables.AddKeyBinding "Tab", "Edit->CircuitMoveCopy", BindMenu, BindAccelerator

keyBindTables.AddKeyBinding "Alt+G", "Place->Group", BindMenu, BindAccelerator