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    Modify order of pin pairs in a net



      During routing the PADS router does not allow to connect pins which are not in pin pairs.



      Having several pin pairs in one net this limits a lot the possible connections.






      Is there a way to change the pin pairs (routing sequence of the net) to adapt the routing?



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          Expedition PCB has several different topologies each for a specific purpose.


          ·         MST – Allows connections in any order including branch points on pins.  Dynamic re-ordering in layout based on placement.

          ·         Chained – Serial order to connections following ordering rules of Source->Load->Terminator.  Dynamic re-ordering in layout based on placement.

          ·         Custom – User defined connection order including branch points on pins and in space (Virtual Pins).  No dynamic re-ordering in layout however Netline Manipulation allows the order to be changed on a net by net basis.

          ·         T-Shape, H-Tree, Star – These work more like Chained but use different rules to automatically create branch points based on pin types (S, L, T)

          ·         Complex – Allows pin groups to be created each having its own topology type.  So this is a combination of many of the topologies above by pin group.


          Without knowing the exact type of routing your trying to accomplish, it’s difficult to suggest a specific topology to solve your use case.  However if I had to suggest a topology without knowing much about your use case, I think Chained might work in your situation.  It’s flexible allowing dynamic re-ordering, serial based on pin type (S, L, T), uses the Stub Length property allowing branching between pins that are very close in proximity to each other.




          Jerry Suiter

          ExpeditionPCB/XtremePCB Product Marketing Manager