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Remove thermal Override.

Question asked by ashkolnik on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by peter_festesen

Hi all ,

I am working with Tie legs, ther is no problem to change and modify it , but sometimes i need to reset or "Remove thermal Override" and i can't do it .

Useless --> UsePadstackThermalDefaults - in my case i set it False and True and it's gave me same result in "Pin Thermal" Properties and sets  "Default through hole connections" even "Use thermal definition from padstack" are marked  .

1.As you can see no Override .

2.UsePadstackThermalDefaults Set True

3.UsePadstackThermalDefaults Set False and it's same as True .

I saw lot of discussions about but without answers , in my opinion it's Mentor BUG .

if you know some workaround please share it here .


Thanks you .