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Meaning of  "Allow one additional via per SMD pin" at the Editor Control

Question asked by bollenberg on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Jack


I have a question concerning the "via & fanouts"-options of the Editor Control.


In this menu, you can activate the option "Allow one additional via per SMD pin". But independent of activating or non-activating this option, it is possible to add more than one additional via on a smd-pad. For me it is not clear which meaning this option has.


Furthermore, at the Plow-Menu of the Editor Control, you can define the "Max vias added", which means the number of maximum number of vias per pin during interactive routing.


But does it not contradicts itself when I define "Allow one additional via per SMD pin" = on and "Max vias added" = e.g. 5 ?


Thanks for many helps.