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    Ho to generate reusable Blocks for other projects


      Hi everyone,


      I just cant find the information I need, so here I go: we are using DxDesigner for schematics capture (hope this is the right place to ask). Within one project, I designed a block that shall be reused several times, and got that working fine. Now I want to go one step further: we need the same block in other projects too, but I'm not sure how to get this done.


      The first step might be just getting the schematics block to be reused, later on we might want to reuse layout too, but that is not yet important. So my question is whether anyone can please give me a short how-to or name a appropriate document.


      Thank you very much in advance,


      Kind regards



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          In Logic I just cut and paste, typically to a new sheet.  I'm sure that can't be more than five times more difficult in DxD : )


          Another option in Logic is to make a copy of the schematic, then delete everything not in your block.  ASCII out your block and you can import it back in as needed.  Now that I write this, I don't think DxD has an ASCII option though.  Sorry.


          The Reuse feature in Layout is very nice.


          Good luck.

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            Hi and thanks for your answer. Copy and Paste works fine for the schematics, only the symbol from the local library has to be copied too.


            As you seem to be experienced in design reuse, how can a layout-design be reused? Is it also Copy and paste?


            Best regards,



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              No, for layout designs you have to use the licensed 'Re-use' option. 


              Sorry for the delayed response... my link to this group appears to have gone dead about 5 months ago and I just noticed today and found a lot of old messages.

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                Hi Georg


                thats what i remember from Dx Training there you make a Project and just call it Library Blocks or something similar, there you only store Blocks for informal reuse. From there you can Import.



                This is
                what is written regarding Blocks in my old Training Folder i still
                have in my shelf:



                • Block Libraries are projects with blocks you may want to reuse.
                • Not formally controlled.
                • Great for basic building blocks that may only need value, part number, or other minor changes from project to project.
                • Two methods to use Block Libraries:
                1. Copy using Menu: File > Open Block.
                2. Copy using the Navigator
                • These methods work for any project not just a “library” Project.



                For Layout reuse i do this (This is not real reuse that needs a license)


                1. Open the new Empty PCB

                2. On the Empty one go to File open as Reference and open the Design you wannt to copy from.

                3. Select everything you wannt to take over to the new Design. Use the Selection List  if you need to.

                4. With everything you wannt selected, go to Edit Copy to Clipboard

                5. Go back to your Empty Design, and go Edit Paste from Clipboard (Sometimes the Clipboard is emty this is a bug... then you just habe to Close and reopen the target Design)

                6. Now you may have to use the Parts Map Dialog that comes up when you do paste from Clibpoard. There you also can do remapping, if you wannt.