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    How to reassign a 3d model?



      I assigned a 3d model to a component and saved to library. The help says


      You cannot reassign a 3D model to a part if the part is already saved in the library with a 3D model.

      So Mentor, please, I have a better model for my part, how can I use it?


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          Ben from testing forum. See below.

          PADS VX12 - unable to change models                                                    

          Radoslaw_Tomala     Proficient

          Once a model assignment / alignment was pushed to the library via Update Library functionality - it cannot be changed in PADS VX.1.2 release.

          We are planning to improve it in PADS VX.2                   


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            John Wheeler     Advanced
            Workaround is open other design and save correct model to library. They you can go back to first design and update from library.


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            Well, thanks for trying to help. But it doesn't work.

            When I open another design the 3d models are automatically read from the reuse location so it's no use.

            I tried starting Layout, changing the reuse location and then I created a board with that component on it.

            I assigned the new model, changed the reuse location in the options to the shared one and saved. It appeared to work for a moment but then guess what, the old model came back.

            Any other ideas?

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              I found a way!

              In the reuse folder Layout creates a folder structure that includes folder with the same mane as the old model. I deleted them.

              Then I deleted the _PCB folder sitting beside the pcb file. Then I opened the design, the component doesn't have a 3d model anymore so I could assign the new one and then save to library.


              Layout also crashes 7-8 times in 10 when I open the 3d view. I have an SR open with no solution yet.

              Mentor, please fix this software asap.

              We paid for the upgrade, we paid for maintenance every year, we deserve better.

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                Attached are details how I updated the reuse library Follow the instructions and it should work when using different step file.


                John W.

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                  I did not include all the steps in the first document. This is similar to what Ben has did now. I don't have any crashes the way I did it.

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                    Yes, your second pdf describes what I was talking about. Thanks for putting it together.

                    But I am not going to mark this as the correct answer because it is a painful workaround that we are not supposed to go through.

                    Mentor should now that this is not working and that the workaround is not an acceptable solution.

                    My Layout crashes almost every time when I open the 3d view with or without a file opened.

                    Fatal run-time error. Press OK to close the program.

                    Reboot, reinstall... doesn't help at all.

                    Support is silent for two days now after the initial response.

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                      Here is a better and quicker method I found that works without crashing. Almost same as Ben.


                      First remove two folders that have the name of the currently used Model Name of the part you want to change.
                      There are two folders one is in Resue folder xxxxx\Reuse\3DModels\PartDB\Packages and the other is in xxxxx\Reuse\3DModels\PartDB\User


                      Remove file  *.xtd that has the same as the current model. It is in the current folder design folder xxxxx\3D\Input


                      I do not delete a _PCB


                      You can now resign new model.

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                        Try the solution I just added. I have no crashes.

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                          The crashes are not related to the attempts to reassign a 3d model.

                          I should not have mixed the two problems in the same thread. I guess I was just venting my frustration with the latest and greatest gift from Mentor.