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DxDatabook problems // Library problems

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by robert_davies



in the DxDatabook I have a lot of problems in the verfication of components window (zero matches, multiple matches, cannot find library).

I use the HLA Library template and didn't change the "Location" and "Central Library" paths. Is this a potential problem? Should I change the path? Can I change the path now without problems in my project (I did schematic already)?



1.) All my own parts have "?" ("cannot find library") marker in DxDatabook verification window. I designed them in the parts editor -> new parts -> enter part number of the part. If double click in verification window -> errormessage: "The loaded symbol bjt:BCR is not included in the list of valid symbols for this component. The component has been loaded, but the symbos previewer has not been set." Any idea what this means?


2.) All copied parts which i copied in the part editor are red marked (zero matches).

(I copied them from existing parts in the CENTRAL LIBRARY in library manager (named HLA_CentralLibrary))


3.) If I use the original existing parts directly from HLA_CentralLibrary (this is the only library in my library editor window, should there be more?), then there is only a yellow marker (multiple matches).


Something must be wrong with my library usage? Or are there some wrong settings in my library template? I use the HLA_Library template and didn't change the "Location" and "Central Library" paths.


Thank you in advance.