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    Unable to update the part number from Harness Design back to Schematic



      I assigned the part number to wires in the phase of wiring schematic, then synchronized to harness drawing. However, I found the I should change the part number of wires. Then I decided to change the part number in " Edit Wire", it seems like they have been updated correctly. I checked back on wiring schematic, by right click on wire and selecting property, the part number has not been updated. I am wondering if this is normal? Does Vesys allow different part numbers to be assigned separately in wiring schematic and harness drawing?


      An additional question, if I would like to change full scale harness drawing back to flexible one(for example, 5m physical length but 0.5m graphical length, how can I do it?


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               Vesys will allow different part numbers for schematic & harness. In order to update this you have to do resynchronise the harness after updating the schematic.


               For scaling the harness, as per my understanding there is no option to scale the harness directly. For that you have to export the harness into DSI  or XML file, then import the file into new non scaled harness.


               This seems like migration from vesys classic to 2.0

          Find the below images for your reference.



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