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    xPCB Layout toolbars


      Is there a way to save a toolbar configuration (Expedition PCB.wsp) I created so that all users get the configured toolbar as their default upon launching xPCB for first time?

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          You can save toolbars/toolbar locations with 'Display' schemes.





          You can force loading this scheme at startup with the attached script.  Add the script to the script.ini file and it will always load during startup.


          You have to modify the scheme name in the script.




          Regards, Charles

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            We shouldn't have to use a script to load a desired pre-configured tool bar configuration for our users. Also, what happens after users make their own customizations, wouldn't this override theirs? The tool should work the way it does in EE7.9.5 with the Place, Route and Draw modes such that when you select one of those modes, the commands associated with those modes automatically appear in the tool bar. I understand the new Select mode but that doesn't mean Mentor should have changed the way the tool functions when you go into Place/Route/Draw modes. It makes sense that no tool bar commands show up when you go into Select mode as commands become available through RMB depending on what type of item you are trying to edit or work with but I believe users like being able to switch to the Place/Route/Draw modes and having the commands available with those modes upon switching to them.

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              Your question was if there is a way to save the toolbar location, and that was the answer you have reveived .




              If you don't like how the tool behaves you can always start an new idea on the Mentor Idea site. And if you find enough people

              that support your vision it might get integrated in the tools.

              Personally I prefer the way the Toolbars behave in VX1.



              Regards, Charles

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                I guess I shouldn't expect anything more as this is usually Mentor's stance on the shortcomings of the tool.