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Error messages at running Expedition PCB with current design

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2015
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maybe someone could retrace my problems by doing a short own test.


If I start a new project(DxDesigner start page) with the HLA Library template (delivered with installation) and try to start Expedition PCB I receive this Error message.(I selected the 4 layer template)


If I open a project(created with HLA Library template some time ago) with some design data in it and start PCB, I receive following error:




If I start a new project with the default template or edmflow template (both delivered with installation), the Expedition PCB is loading succesfully.

Everythig goes as it should (forward annotating etc.)





Do you have or ever had any similar problems? I cannot find any help for this particular problems in documentation or support net, which would solve my problem.


What could be the reason for this behaviour?

Are there any other templates I could download and integrate to my program, in order to export my design data to a new project created with this template?

Maybe, should I try to export my design (including new parts in library) to a project with the default or edmflow template?


Thank you for your effort.