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How do I add an obstruct to a custom RF shape?

Question asked by larry.brown on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by Community_Admin

I have run across a operation issue that I need assistance on. I create custom RF shapes all the time but usually are the simple type with conductive-shapes and nodes. Now I have a need for a more complex shape which will need additional vias and obstructs. The documentation below states that vias and obstructs are acceptable:


Standard RF shapes

  • Plane and conductive shapes
  • Obstructs (Trace, Trace & Via, Via, Plane, and Placement/Pad)
  • User-placed vias
  • Fixed shapes
  • Stitch contour property

The "Creating a Custom RF Shape" instructions below also mention adding these features:

       10. If required, add other elements to the RF shape from the list of allowed elements. For example other RF shapes and obstructs.


So, here is my question: How do I add a via and/or obstruct? The documentation does not elaborate on how to do this!


Your detailed instructions on the missing steps to achieve this is appreciated.