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Packager without xDM Lib Parts (but with xDx Databook Parts)

Question asked by xtence on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by robert_davies


Hope s.o. looking there.

I'm using "netlist" project until now, and i'm trying to use now "integrated" project. I success with the "Starter Library" ( create a simple schematic, transfer to layout and generate gerbers...)

But now i would like to use my own xDM lib and my own Databook (office access). I created my xDM Lib from my Symbols Libs and Footprints Libs. But now, i cannot package my schematics cause :

ERROR: There is no Part Number: capcms_100nF_1206_200V in the Parts
DataBase for symbols with Part Name: (null) and Part Label: (null).

[Please add the Part Number to the PDB either directly
or by having the project file point to a PDB that contains it.]


Of course, i know i didn't create a new part in xDM Lib for every simple new resistor that i declare in my access database linked with my xDx Databook.

There is a way to avoid the "parts" checking of xDM Lib ot generate the packaging ?


For me it's quite strange to have to create a new part in xDM Lib for every new component added in my access database. Especially for common cms resistors or capacitors. In my mind , xDM is usefull for "symbols" and "Decals" (footprint), and xDx Databook is used to do the link between both (means "Parts" )