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    Getting cell name from odbc database



      In my organisation we are migrating from Altium Designer to Xpedition.

      And since we have solid database libraries of several thousands of components integrated with our ERP system, we would like to reuse it in Xpedition enviorement.

      Altium uses MS Access databases that can be accessed directy by DxDatabook without modifications. Some fields are not needed by Mentor tools, but require i.e. company component ID.

      The Altium database has link to the part number, footprint, symbol name. The library only consists of naked symbols and footprints which then are linked togoether by the database.

      I translated symbols and cells using DxDesigner translator and configured the DxDatabook so it gets the symbol from library via product name database column.

      In Altium the foorptint is defined in the database, so all 1% resistors share the same symbol and the same part, size, value and other parameters are defined by the database.

      So the question is - how to tell the DxDatabook to use correct cell from the central library?

      I don't want to assign the cells manually in the library editor.for thousands of components but assign the cell name during component placement from DxDatabook

      There is the "cell name" column in the database which points to correct cell in central library, so when I place a component on schematic, it has correct cell name.property.

      But this cell is not visible in DxDatabook cell preview. Packaging is done correctly, but duing  annotation in Xpedition PCB I get message that cell name is not valid for certain component.

      I tried with PKG_TYPE in database, I got such property in schematic, but still don't see it neither in DxDatabook preview nor in PCB editor.



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          If I understand your setup correctly then what you are trying to achieve isn't possible in the Xpedition flow. Though you can add the Cell Name from xDX Databook, this still has to match the cell defined in the library for the part. The Central Library uses Part Number as the unique identifier for a part and associates this with a set of cells, default and optional alternates as defined in the part database (PDB); you cannot break this association and dynamically assign cells, the library is designed to ensure parts are correct by construction when created.