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      I know this was something that was suggested, and I don't quickly see anything in recent release notes, but did PADS ever incorporate

      the ability to flag known DRC errors in a design as OK. Like when connecting diff GNDs at one point.

      Because I am taking on a design that has over 600 DRC errors in it. I need to make some changes to it, and may have to update

      layout with current libraries. I see this as a DRC nightmare to have to go thru all these DRCs. Customer says they are all OK errors.

      Most of which i can see ae just the fact that parts are closer than rules. But to really do a thorough review after I make my changes could be a problem.

      I was planning on taking note of DRC count then verify in the areas I changed there are none and make sure after I still have the same number.

      Any help please.


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          I don't think that feature has been implemented... but I'm still running v9.5.


          I would try changing some of the rules to get the the error count down to something you can be comfortable with. First try not checking "Body to body" and "Placement outline". If you need to actually change the numbers, I'd ASC export the rules in case you need to get it back to the original rules.



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            Thanks, yes I was planning on tweaking rules on a copy to see where it gets me. But I also just thought about the archive tools in VX.

            Never used this feaure yet but it sounds like there is a compare capability that may prove useful?? But not sure till I try it.

            I am pretty sure too Mentor has not implemented this capability in PADS.

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              Pads Router allows your to mark an error as IGNORE.

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                OH OK I will check into that, did not realize the router had that capability.

                Now would that functionality only work with Pro License, or the High Speed Module added to ES Suite

                where routing per constraints is possible?

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                  OK yes it does work however only while in router. PADS layout does not get update of ignored errors passed back to it.

                  I really won't use router for this particular effort. But as long as router file is kept it should retain the ignore error data as changes are made to design? Correct?

                  There were actually more than previously stated, over 1000 errors left in this design.