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Question asked by wolferm on Jan 5, 2016
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I know this was something that was suggested, and I don't quickly see anything in recent release notes, but did PADS ever incorporate

the ability to flag known DRC errors in a design as OK. Like when connecting diff GNDs at one point.

Because I am taking on a design that has over 600 DRC errors in it. I need to make some changes to it, and may have to update

layout with current libraries. I see this as a DRC nightmare to have to go thru all these DRCs. Customer says they are all OK errors.

Most of which i can see ae just the fact that parts are closer than rules. But to really do a thorough review after I make my changes could be a problem.

I was planning on taking note of DRC count then verify in the areas I changed there are none and make sure after I still have the same number.

Any help please.