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xDX V1 BOM format - Part Lister setup

Question asked by MaBUa on Jan 6, 2016
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Hello experts from xDX,

I'd like to ask you about setup of Part Lister tool.

Lets imagine situation:

- I have 3 times the same component in schematics

- all of them have the property "Note"

- 2 of them have "value" of this property set to "Do not assembly"

- 1 of them have this value empty


I need to generate by the tool Part Lister a format like this:

- components with all the same values of all property (with the same part number) will be on separate row in compressed format

- the same part number but with EMPTY value of Note property will be on the next row

See my enclosed pictures please.


How to better setup the Part Lister to make it to generate what I need?


Many thanks



I enclosed a config file for Part Lister tool