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    Layer Toggle


      Have you ever wanted to quickly switch to a different layer while routing? Of course you have, F4... Duh!


      What if you want to switch to a layer that isn't part of your current layer pair, Lx<Enter>... I hate that.


      Several years ago I asked PADS to give us access to the currently active layer property, and a few versions later they actually did it. For various reasons I haven't put much effort into using it until this morning. I have this macro mapped to Alt+F4


      current_layer = Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer

      if current_layer >= Application.ActiveDocument.ElectricalLayerCount then

        Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer = 1


        Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer = current_layer + 1

      end if


      It will toggle to the next electrical layer and roll back to L1 after hitting the electrical layer count... I like that

      Using this macro in conjunction with the ZC modeless setting will display the layers one at a time, in succession... I like that too



      I actually have it mapped to Alt+4 also... because I mapped all the F keys to there corresponding number key so I don't need to stretch so far.

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          Very nice.


          I have assigned the "+" sign to go next and "-" to go previous:


          current_layer = Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer

          if current_layer <= 1 then

              Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer = Application.ActiveDocument.ElectricalLayerCount


              Application.ActiveDocument.ActiveLayer = current_layer - 1

          end if



          This way, it acts just like Altium ;-)