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Strange Issue when enabling Databook cache in xDXDatabook

Question asked by franz.forstmayr on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by robert_davies


i wanted to enable Databook cache in xDXDatabook properties to accelerate DxDatabook itself and component verification. Component is very slow actually.

However, when i am enabling this feature and update my libraries, xDX Databook will show me every string in capital letters and ignores the comma character. I don't really care if my texts are printed in upper case, but without comma i cannot use my heterogeneous symbols any more. I searched in xDXDatabook manual regarding this issue, but i can't find any information.


Can someone help me in this case?
Maybe there's some kind of configuration file, where i can change some settings, because i think this one isn't configurable in the xDXDatabase config file.