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    xDx Designer script to automatically propagate block name as Cluster property to components


      The add_cluster scripts add cluster properties to all components of a hierarchical design.

      The script uses the block "Name" of a hierarchical block symbol and puts that name to all componens underneath.

      It works  recursive, so lower level hierarchy blocks get e.g. Cluster=Memory/Upper. Therefore also the resulting planning groups in xPCB are hierarchical.




      How to use:




      ' AutoAdd_cluster Addin: Propagate blockname attributes through design hierarchy as cluster property to components

      'Automation and Scripting

      ' Prerequisites: 

      '    - All hierarchy block symbols should have a name associated (which gets the cluster prop) otherwise the instance name (e.g. $1I6) gets assigned

      ' Setup:

      '    - copy the 3 files add_custer_core.vbs, add_cluster_gui.vbs and add_cluster.bmp into any of your WDIR directories.

      '   - add the path to the add_cluster_gui.vbs in the xDX Designer startup file entry (Setup>Settings>Run on Startup,  or scripts.ini)

      ' Usage:

      '    - Make sure every hierarchy block symbol has a name assigned, if not the script will use the UID instead and warn the user in the output window

      '    - Invoke command with toolbar icon or Edit > AutoAdd Cluster Properties


      '   (c) 2016 Mentor Graphics Corp.

      '    No warranties expressed or implied. (Use at you own risk.)

      '   Direct comments or questions to Gerhard_Busch@mentor.com

      '      based on prop_reuse scripts by michal_smolinski@mentor.com


      '     Verified on MGC releases: VX1, should run with later releases

      '     Version 1.0: 18.02.2016