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Layout issue withe hotkey "s" for streching 

Question asked by graikos on Jan 22, 2016

Hi all!


I have just recently start to use Mentor graphics for Analogue IC design circuits. During my layout design with Mentor Graphics layout tool I came across with an issue that seems to be a bug and could make things difficult during layout of analogue circuits.

So, the problem starts when someone want to move a part of the layout design (assuming few transistors with their associated connections) and stretch the wires (metal layers) that are connected to that. The way I tried to do that was to press first the hotkey “s” and then select the area/objects that I want to move, by keeping the LMB and "creating" a rectangle that covers that area. Then I move the mouse cursor to the position that I want it to be placed and click the LMB there. What happened is that the Mentor Graphics shut down and any unsaved design was lost.

One other way that seems to work is to first select the area/object and then press hotkey “s”.

The result still is not exactly the “stretching” operation for the associate connected wires but better than losing your design.

In any case I would like to ask if this is a known bug, or is something related to my settings?


Thank you very much in advance for any suggestion or help.


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