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Question asked by wolferm on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by cathy_terwedow

OK started playing around with the 3D PCB capabilities in VX1.2

I am trying it currently with a net list (Orcad) driven design so libraries are PADS library type, not a central library.

I do plan on moving to DxDesigner & a Central Library.

Just trying to set up having models linked to decals.

Question where is this 3D Model data stored?

Because instructions to use this functionality basically have you editing a decal from within the PCB layout, so how & where does this data get stored.

I can't seem to find anywhere anything related to the few step files I associated with a few decals.

Can I assume this would be different if this was doen on a design using a central library?

Because as I see it right now, unless I am missing something, I would need to redo the link with parts in each individual board?

Is that really correct? If so boy did Mentor miss the boat.

Also if I then export a step file out to bring into Mech CAD tool non of the holes are there, again am I missing something or did Mentor miss on his too.

Really need to get to the bottom of this.