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    Wires remain after Synchronize from old design


      We have been working on different versions of the same harness.  However when I use a new schematic and synchronize it with the Harness there are a couple of wires that do not get deleted.


      One of the wires does not even exist in the new Schematic and there are 2 other wires that remain even though the Harness Attribute is a different name.  They have the original Harness attribute but all the other wires have been assigned a new attribute.


      The Connector also ends up with two Pin 1 locations.  I don't understand how that can even happen.


      This seams to only be happening for one connector.


      I have deleted the connector from the design and then synchronized the harness.  This works and everything is populated correctly.  I do not understand how this can even happen especially with the wire that does not even exist in the new design.  I thought when synchronizing all the old data is purged from the Harness?



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               When you are trying to do synchronization connector and splice are replaced from schematic, But the wires will be added and the existing wires will not be deleted because there may be a chance for , This will cause packing of two wires in single cavity in a connector because of existing wires may have different attributes with schematic wires.


          To avoid this While doing the synchronization you have to delete the existing wire in the harness before starting synch process.


          Find the below image for your reference.


          Doing synch without deleting existing wires,




          Doing synch after deleting the existing wires,





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