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    Cell without pads


      I need to create a component that has symbol, is mounted on PCB but has no holes nor pads.

      It is part of the SFP cage 6367035-1 SFP Connectors : SFP | TE Connectivity

      Of course I can add some pad and than place on PCB but it is not very elegant.

      I just want it to appear in BOM and to have it on silkscreen.

      When I create part without assigned cell the packager complains:  PDB ERROR: There is no Gate data on part number TYCO_6367035-1.


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          Could you try creating the relevant silkscreen as a mechanical cell.

          This you can then place on the pcb without causing a PDB error.

          Not 100% sure whether it will then appear on a BOM (maybe someone else can answer this part)

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            Hi Krzysztof

            We do the following for such cases:

            -The cell has a part number of the connector

            -The cell is a nested cell with the cage and the plastic cap as nested elements with their part number. (total of three: conn + cage + cap)

            -The cell has the physical dimensions of the cage+cap.


            The presence of the optical/electrical module is handled separately.


            Hope this helps.


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              Like Greg said, a mechanical cell is a good way to do it. No, it will not appear on the BOM unless you are using an older version of the tools. ~EE791.

              In these older versions the Forward to PCB symbol property was ignored by the partslister. Subsequent partslister versions exclude any symbols that have that property set to False. 


              - I would suggest creating a complete part (Sym, Cell & PDB) with the Cell being a dummy. Create a mechanical cell that is accurate.

              - Place the symbol that carries all of your properties so it appears in the BOM/partslist.

              - Place the mechanical cell in Expedition and leave the Cell associated (dummy one) with the symbol unplaced.

              The down side is you have to suffer a DRC error, but you can accept that. Another drawback/feature? is the symbol and the mechanical cell have no association, so changing one will not affect the other.


              Good luck.


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                Your statement regarding Forward to PCB being ignored by Part Lister is not entirely true, assuming you are referring to the xDX Part Lister. Including or excluding parts from PCB and/or BOM using the xDX Designer Part Lister is controlled by two items, the Forward to PCB flag and the 'Part List Exclude' property. To exclude a part from layout but to keep it in the Parts List use the following combination:


                Forward to PCB = False

                Part List Exclude=False


                If you don't use the negative of Part List Exclude it assumes you want it excluded when the Forward to PCB flag is set false, which is the usual case.


                See the section under

                Controlling Part Inclusion/Exclusion in BOM/PCB in the 'Bill's of Materials' topic in the xDX Designer Users's Guide