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    Contributions/Progress erased


      Why was my profile level reduces to 0 when I was a top contributor in the xpedition forum?

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          One week ago a new reward system was introduced (You received this information also in your Notifications Menu)

          The whole system was reworked.

          I think they set every user back to 0 so everybody can start new.

          It's not that bad, because now you can earn points with a lot of more actions

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            Mike/Philipp That is correct, a new reward/gamification system was enabled about a week ago, but inadvertently . The new system is not fully defined, so it was turned on a bit prematurely. We are actually trying to roll it back to what it was previously as there is more work to do on the new approach. My apologies for the inconvenience, and I will provide an update as soon. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

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              Thank you for the update. It was a pity to see the points go away - bit of pride in what had been totalled up!

              But then very puzzling to not see any activities or hint as to what to do next...

              Good luck and I'm sure we'll hear more when it is fully rolled out.



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                Did they reset it again?

                Last week I was Level 9 Thinker, now I am Level 1 again and all my progress is lost...


                Come on, how often will they erase everything?


                Starts to annoy.....

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                  Philipp - Thanks for your comment, and I understand your frustration. Please accept my apologies. A couple of weeks back there was a significant miscommunication with our service provider. As a result, all points accrued by members were eliminated. Two efforts were made to correct that error. The first attempt didn't completely resolve the problem, so a second was applied. The good news is the second attempt worked; the downside is it wiped out the accrued points gained after the first attempt.


                  So the system should now be stable, and reflect the total points that any member had  prior to the first fix. The next step is that the point structure will be reviewed to ensure actions are appropriately awarded with the proper point levels. When this occurs, you may see some labels changing. For example, we may use something different for "Thinker."


                  Again, my apologies for the inconvenience. I welcome any further questions, comments, suggestions.

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                    Thanks for staying on top of this.


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                      any news regarding this topic?

                      When our progress will be restored?

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                        I must admit I'm confused why the concern?

                        I was impressed with myself getting a nice high level but as far as I know my boss doesn't check this to give me a promotion. 



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                          Why the concern?

                          Well, when Mentor is introducing a new Communities platform then I want that everything works.

                          But since the update its not working...

                          It's now the second time the user progress was erased.

                          I know the progress is not the important thing, but is this a reason to say we don't care about it?

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                            Fair answer - shall wait to hear how it plays out.