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Adding Company Logo to Schematic Border Symbol... 

Question asked by eric.brown on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by eric.brown

Good afternoon folks, 


I am trying to get a nicer version of our company logo into the Sheet Border Symbol for our scabmatics. 


I am using VX 1.2 with the Netlist Flow into PADS.  I do not have PADS Logic installed, so scripts and what-not involving that are not really possible for me to use. 


I would like to import a DXF File (which I'm pretty sure is not possible).  The next best thing is to be able to have something that can convert simple DXFs (lines, arcs, and maybe polylines) to a DxDesigner Symbol file (*.1, or *.2, etc.),  With that, I can open both my target Border Symbol and the logo (converted from DXF) simultaneously in the Symbol Editor and then copy / paste into the target Border Symbol. 


Does anyone have any ideas about this? 


Many thanks, and best,