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Last idea for Hyperlynx

Question asked by yu.yanfeng on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by yu.yanfeng

It seems that Mentor Graphics have lost the last change to get back in Signal Integrity and Power Integrity for ever while Ansys, Cadene, Keysight are renewing thier stuff.  I don't know what exactly Mentor team think about Hyperlynx.  However, I think following items Mentor Graphics may take


1) Mergere Hypelrynx and Hyperlynx DRC A new GUI and API framework is a must.

2) Add Flo.pcb into Hyperlynx. Ansys Siwave now have  icepack solver in Siwave.

3) refine Nimbic(accuracyand speed) technologies and the interface for ECAD data

4) Accqures Simbeor to provide a fast GHZ channel synthesis solution.

5) refine integration between XpeditonPCB and Hyperlynx .