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    About post layout simulation in pyxis v10.2


      While running the simulation with the extracted netlist with parasitics (by running pex in layout), the simulation is being failed with lots of error.

      Please find the report.tex file as an attachment to see the errors i am getting in the log file while simulating the inverter with the dspf with rcc.

      the layout has been already checked with DRC and LVS successfully.

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          I took a look, and the first several pages of the file are all the same error:  Unable to open file $FILTER/ota/inverter/inverter.cal/inverter.pex.netlist


          Does the file exist at that location?  Are the permissions set such that the tool can read it?  Is it possibly in use by another program, preventing the system from accessing it?


          If the files are not readable, the errors are just going to keep cascading.


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