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PADS 3D Model Mapping

Question asked by kmorris on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by jczmiel

As a service bureau I work for many different companies. At times am asked to supply the library created for that company while working on their jobs so they can use it in future designs that go to other layout people or companies. My question is how can I supply the 3D model mapping for the parts used only in their designs and how can this be imported by another PADS user? Have not been asked yet but certainly know one company will ask me soon since I cannot do all their work alone. It is a lot of work to map and align the 3D models, work which they paid to have done, and in my mind should be able to get a return on that investment. Currently see no way for this to happen so hopefully the Mentor Graphics people can help.


Do like the 3D feature of PADS and have found it useful. What I find tiresome is how the parts are mapped and aligned. Is there a file which has this information that can be edited and if so what is needed to do so?


Thanks for your help.