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Decals not updating in PADS Layout

Question asked by larry.gronmeyer on Feb 10, 2016
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We've been using PADS Layout and xDX Designer VX.1 for about 6 months now and are slowly getting the hang of it.  One thing that is very frustrating is that the decals in a design sometimes don't update to the latest library information.  Why would this happen?  Here's an example:


We have a QFN IC that has a center slug.  We have a custom mask and paste for this slug.  If I edit the decal in the decal editor, everything looks fine.  If I place the part in a new design, everything looks fine.  However, if I run an ECO in an existing design (or even manually update the part) in Layout, the changes made to the mask and paste don't come thru.  What would be preventing this?


We have thought about deleting the part and re-adding it, but that will cause the existing routes to get ripped up.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?