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Changing Part Numbers for PartQuest Parts in xDX Databook

Question asked by evan.w on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Gary_Lameris

I've started using xDX Designer (from PADS VX.1.2) and PartQuest in an attempt to make a new board and migrate away from PADS Logic, but am running into some confusion with xDX Databook.


When downloading a part from PartQuest, I have it set up in my pq.ini file to automatically add the part to the PADS_Integrated.dbc file in the ODA Starter Library folder. This works fine, and upon extracting the downloaded .pqz and executing the "Import PartQuest Parts" option in the xDX Designer tools menu, my parts show up in the specified partition and with all of the relevant properties filled out. Because very few parts have associated symbols (and I believe none of the parts have associated footprints), I am primarily using PartQuest to retrieve the parametric data and then attempting to manually edit the CAD data for the parts so that I can use them in my schematic and board layout, but that's causing problems.


The PartQuest tutorial video that I'm attempting to follow says that it's possible to download the parametric data from PartQuest and then change the resulting part number in xDX Databook to match a part number in xDM Library Tools so that the databook points to a part with valid CAD data, but I can't seem to figure out how to change the part number in xDX Databook. For example, the downloaded part number is e.g., DIGIKEY_1N4001DICT_ND, but I want to rename it to 1N4001_TH so that it points to the part I've already created in the xDM Library Tools and Symbol/Decal editor.  


Is there any way to do this?