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Custom Mask Display in Touchstone tool

Question asked by j.c.buvaneshwaran on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by j.c.buvaneshwaran

Currently I am performing SI analysis for XAUI Interface.

It is a 3.125Gbps link. We are generating S parameter file and analyzing Return Loss.


In the XAUI Spec, Return loss Mask is defined as following Formula,


s11 = –10 dB for 312.5 MHz < Freq (f) < 625 MHz, and (47-1)

–10 + 10log(f/625) dB for 625 MHz <= Freq (f) = < 3.125 GHz


Here, i would like to know whether i feed the equation in HyperLynx and display the Mask while generating Return loss plot.


Please respond ASAP.