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CES rule pattern for higher voltage circuits

Question asked by vytautas.r on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by daniel.lange

Hello everyone,

i have a question.  For example you have a power rails GND, 300V and some circuit between them.

Between power rails you need several mm clearance, but between circuit clearance can be less.

What is the best way to define it in CES?


#1 Use largest clearance between all nets in class and accept huge amount of DRC errors.

(cons: gloss mode off,  after changes in CES or schematic re-accepting all errors) 


#2 Use no clearance rules and manual check all clearances.

(cons: gloss mode off,  possibility to lost something) 


#3 Create many net sub-classes and clearance rules and make a lot of combinations of that.

(cons: class to class clearance table can become really huge an hard to maintain)


what CES pattern prefer you?