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line sim / board sim of ac coupled differential channel with bias resistors

Question asked by uhan on Feb 26, 2016

Hi, I am simulating an ac coupled differential channel in linesim (it is exported from the board to line sim) the channel has differential driver driving 100 ohm diff lines to the receiver chip via ac coupling caps and bias resistors just next to the receiver. The data rate of the channel is around 12 Gbps.

Does Linesim takes care of the resistor/ pads parasitic in the simulation (because it was extracted from the board)? Does it even produce the accurate simulation results?

I can set those resistor values or I can put the ibis models (I could not find one on the net) of the resistors in the linesim schematic.

I found out that, if I have spice model of the resistor I can use it on the schematic. But spice model does not include the mounting inductance and pad capacitance of the resistor.   Any comment on this subject will be greatly appreciated.