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Translating PADS Designs to DxDesinger and Xpedition

Question asked by Rob on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by robert_davies

Does anyone have a good way to translate PADS schematics and layout files to DxDesigner/Xpedition?


I can translate the PADS schematics no problem to DxDesigner but it's getting the PADS Layout files in Xpedition that is given me problems.


After importing the schematic into DxDesigner I launch Xpedition through DxDesigner. Once Xpedition is running I try to Import the designs files that I got using the PADS translator. This fails and I get several error boxes pop-up:


  • Dialog Box 1 : "Unable to access the LogicDB at work\Layout Temp\LogicDB.lgc"
  • Dialog Box 2:  "The OpenASCII to Layout translator failed to run"
  • Dialog Box 3: "Import design data failed. Results in ImportDesignData.txt"


From what I can tell in "ImportDesignData.txt" file Xpedition is not finding the Parts in the central library so the design cannot be imported.  I had assumed all the parts data was in the import directory and would be added to the central library as part of the import process.


At this point am sure I've missed something, if any can help me out to make the translation easier please let know. Thanks in advance.