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Attribute hierarchy level does not update or change ?

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2016
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I have a layout and when inspecting component attribute like  "Geometry.Height", I see that some of the components have Geometry.Height -attribute associated to Part Type -level and some are Component -level. How can I change that attribute to Part-Type level attribute ? Where can i find such setting that transforms all attributes to PArt Type -level?


I got a hint that deleting all attributes on schematic and updating components from library will transform all attributes to Part Type -level. It is not true.

What I tried is that I deleted attribute Geometry.Height from my Schematics design and then updated components from library. Then I made the ECO Link to PCB and checked attributes there. There are still Geometry.Height put into a Component Level, why?

The good question is how can I associate attributes to a certain level when creating a new part with attributes ?