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    PEX Pin Order




      I have recently come across this post

      How to control pin order in the extracted Netlist 

      I am wondering on what should be the format of the pin order in the file? Is there a specific format in which the pin list has to be written into file?


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          Hi Rajesh-


          According to "Methods for Correcting Pin Swapping" in the xRC manual (calbr_xrc_useref.pdf), the only restrictions are "a layout-based flow and the pins are on primitives or the top circuit only".


          If this doesn't match your setup, there are three other methods listed in that section that could be helpful.


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            Hi Samantha

            Thank you for the reply. I went through the relevant sections. Here is an example case that I am looking at. Suppose I have 5 pins A B C VSS and VDD in my design. I would like to direct calibre to generate a spectre netlist with pinorder say C A B VDD VSS. Based on what I understood for the user manual is that it is possible through templates, although I am not really sure about it. Any clarification provided would be useful.


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