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Bus Ripper symbols point in the wrong direction + non-orthogonal segments

Question asked by kjcaruso on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by robert_davies

In the process of moving some stuff around, some nets off of a bus got disconnected.


Restoring the connections result in the old style (diamond shaped) bus ripper symbol pointing in the wrong direction. They do re-connect, but it looks stupid.


Attempts to flip the symbol only result in other weirdness like stubs extending out in the wrong direction. When I pull the stub back to the net the bus ripper symbol points in the wrong direction again.


Not to be deterred, I deleted the nets intending to re-rip them. When I select bus and then "rip nets" I end up with an error message:


"Nets can't be ripped from a non-orthogonal segment."


I wasn't able to locate a good definition of that statement.


Any advice / hints appreciated,