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      Good evening everyone

      I recently installed the PADS Layout VX version 1.2, everything works correctly, but the VIEW / PADS 3D menu l 'option is not enabled and I can not use it.

      Have I committed some installation error?

      How do I enable it?

      Thank you and good evening.


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          Hi Cristian,


          Are you sure that during the installation you chose the PADS 3D Plug in item in the installer (Product Selection tab) as I believe it is not selected by default?




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            this should help


            If your PADS Standard or Standard Plus seat is on maintenance, new licenses are available on SupportNet to enable the new PADS 3D functionality in PADS VX.1.2. The PADS 3D software is listed as a separate product ('PADS 3D Plug-in') during the install; selecting 'PADS Layout' alone will NOT deliver the PADS 3D functionality.

            Follow these steps carefully to enable the PADS 3D functionality:

            1. Download your new license file from SupportNet
            2. Install new licenses (feature names are 'm3dplugin' and m3dpdfoutput'): 
              • Mobile compute/local licenses: Refer to TechNote MG59461
              • Network/floating licenses*: Refer to TechNote MG59655 (license server administrator only)
            3. Test to see if the View>PADS 3D menu item is available. If not, continue below...
            4. Start the PADS VX.1.2 installation again (double-click PADSVX.1.2_mib.exe)
            5. When you arrive at the 'Confirm Installation Choices', the 'PADS 3D Plug-in' product should be in the list (this indicates the PADS 3D licenses have been detected).
            6. Click 'Install' to install the PADS 3D Plug-in.

            * Clients to the license server: No license install is required; the PADS 3D licenses need to be installed by your System Administrator. Once complete, continue from step 3.

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