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Plow Interactive to any angle smt pads

Question asked by renzo.broglia on Mar 19, 2016

Hi, in a project I had to place a so-dimm connector at 55 -degree.

Pads 12x60th.

With trace/clearance 0,15mm/0,15mm, plow interactive.


To exit from pads, i must switch by press "F3" in any angle, with option degrees set to 255, click to perform short segment, and after press F3 to return 45 degrees.

Another problem , when return to 45 degree, plow style goes to "rela time Dynamic", bad for me because i use "Hockey stick".

The question is : Why Xpedition don't perform firs segment any angle , without press F3??

With Differential pairs , this problem is more big.

Only solution is route/fun out in cell editor ??

For me PCB works bad in any angle, when i try to exit from a pads any angle.

If i try to route between two pads or a 0603 resistor placed 255 degrees, pcb editor works fine and trace pass center with any angle segment, without press F3.


Thank in advance

Dario Righetto