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HKP File will not import into Library at mirror site

Question asked by greg.hall on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Andre_Mosley

Has anyone an idea on how to fix the following problem, we have created a part in our library and exported it to a hkp file.

We have then sent this file to our mirror site (in china) for them to import into there copy of the library.

(for adding a few parts or cells this (used to be) a better way than keep sending complete libraries).

Now when they try to import parts (or cells) they get errors where usually it says unknown keyword - attached is file for latest parts showing error.


This method used to work find in 7.9.1 version of the software - but seems to now be a problem when we are all using VX 1.1 (Expedition Flow)


Because the hkp files are encrypted I cannot double check to see if the keyword in present or not.


Any ideas on how to fix this or what to check etc.