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Translation of Altium with Multi-Channel designs

Question asked by e.ebner on Mar 22, 2016
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as a consultant we heve following Situation. One of our customers uses Altium for schematic entry, we do the layout part in PADS VX1.2 ( for several reasons netlist flow)

Translating Altium to xDxDesigner does a pretty good job, with one exception, Multi-Chanel designs.

Our customer already does the annotation (packaging), for example in a design with 2 identical chanels, refenence designators Ch1_R1, Ch1_R2, Ch1_C1 for chanel 1 and Ch2_R1, Ch2_R2, Ch2_C1 for chanel two. The designators in the "master" are R1,R2,C1.

Because xDxDesigner uses the "logical" reference Designator from the altium schematic (the ones from the master block) and not the "physical" (the ones from the instaninated block)   it results in two chanel with identical, thus duplicate reference Designators R1,R2,C1, unable to forward to pcb.

As far as I know, there is no possibility (property) to assign a prefix for reference designator manually in netlist flow?

Does anybody know a Workaround for this?


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