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How to read VDRC.exe output?

Question asked by mjohnson on Mar 25, 2016

The VDRC.exe output for xDX is different now than in DxD, when using the -dxd_std switch. I'm having problems reading the file in and parsing it, as I wanted to have a way to remove false positives for the user. I can read the file in, using strLine = objFileDRC.ReadLine, but it seems like it will only display in the output window the first time I write to the output window (using AppendOutput). After that, everything in the text file I saved (when I ran vdrc.exe) that starts with <!#!> will not read in / Append Out. I am not modifying the text file I saved.

Any hints here? Again, the goal is to run the vdrc executable, capture the output (including the linking code), optionally parse the file and copy that data into a new text file, and then display those lines to the user (so they have the same links, but hopefully a reduced set of errors and warnings). Right now, I'm just trying to get the file read in and append the output directly to the Output window, but can't get that to work more than once.