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    3D View without text



      I can't see the text, defined as cupper, silkscreen or soldermask in 3D.

                                      2D                                                                  3D                                                  The checkboxes are set

      Any Ideas to display the text?


      I don't understand the checkbox "Silkscreen" if no text will be displayed after set




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            Enabling 'silkscreen in the 3D tab on display control shows the 'Generated Silkscreen'

          You must use the Silkscreen generator from the Output dropdown to create that layer..


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            Hi Steven,

            that's sound very good and I can confirm your explanation  Thanks

            But ...

            Silkscreen was only a Example like Cupper and Soldermask. We don't use the Silkscreen, thats the reason I don't know the way to create It's good to know it now!

            our mainly Problem is the text on the cupper and Soldermask Layer.

            Is there a solution?

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                 Yes I see that that remains an issue. I know of no workaround at present. I would suggest you log this issue with supportnet. For my own information why is it necessary to see this text in your 3D view?



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                Hi Steve,

                I already logged this issue to our Support. My hope was a workaround from this community

                And - really funny - my Support ask the same question: Why I Need this text on 3D?


                I don't really need this text. The same I don't need a realistic model of the parts and I don't need the color of the PCB etc. It's a feature!

                The new VX has got the 3D function and my company paid a lot of money for it. So, is this reason enought

                We want to use 3D for documentation and it is easyer if you see the realistic view with all cupper and Soldermask Information.


                My hope for a solution will go on

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                  Just read this and made a small test, if you draw a rectangle for example and make it Draw Object--> Solder mask and also select Fill. Then you will see it in the 3D View. So it is only not working for Text objects and not for Soldermask in General.


                  You are right it is just not working properly, and I don’t see a reason why it shall be like this. Always funny if they ask you why you want thisor that to work…, well if it is there it needs to be working correctly if not take it out…


                  I don't think there is a workaround that is good, atm it seems that you only see Soldermask or Conductive shape no text objects. So you would need Text that is not a Text Object.

                  So theoretically here is your workaround:


                  Import the Text as a DXF, change the Textto Polyline, make the Polyline to Draw object Soldermask Fill I guess you will see the text. While this might be working, I would never do it, this is fare away from being practical.

                  For a Company Logo with Text this is ok, since it will not change all day.

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                    Hi Markus,


                        I agree it seems like it should work. It's likely a simple oversight or perhaps a bug. The reason I asked (as support did) why you need it is because priorities need to be set when deciding what issues to attack first. It's will always be helpful to provide a use case to the software company. It will help them to assess how quickly the issue should be addressed. That and a chorus of other users who can show an immediate need which in my view is one of the values of these communities. I'm guessing that this will likely get addressed at some point.