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Assembly outline change in Variant?

Question asked by Thomas.DeSmit on Apr 7, 2016
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We have an assembly drawing issue, and I'm not sure if it's just the way the software works, or something we're not doing right. I'm go to try to use simplified examples to keep it short.

We have two assemblies, based on the same bare board. Variant Manager is being used to create the correct views for the two schematics and assemblies. Our assembly drawing process is using Drawing Editor to create the Assembly PDF's (so Expedition to FabLink to Drawing Editor).


So, we have assembly/variant A, and assembly/variant B, and the difference between these two is a connector, J1. On assembly A J1 is part number 1, and on assembly B it's part number 2. The difference between part number 1 and part number 2 is how the connector is configured. This connector type is one that can be loaded with various contacts, and part number 1 and part number 2 are loaded differently. The footprint is the same for the two part numbers, the only difference is the assembly outline.


When the designer generates the Variant view for assembly B in Drawing editor, the assembly outline for J1 is the one from part number 1, even though he's is generating the Variant view for assembly B, which has part number 2 for J1. Why doesn't the variant view show the proper assembly outline? Is this just a limitation of the software, or something we're doing wrong?



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