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Could not check out a Hyperlynx license.

Question asked by mike3 on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by guy_wettstein

I have Hyperlynx 7.5 installed on my Windows 7 Pro x32 machine and receive the "Could not check out a Hyperlynx license." popup.


My license is a node-locked perpetual license using a FLEXID-9 USB key.

I have used the lmtools.exe tool  to verify the USB dongle is recognized. I have also used the PCLS_OK.exe tool to verify that Hyperlynx features can be checked out (hypbsw, hyplsw, etc ....)


If PCLS_OK can check out a license, why can't Hyperlynx 7.5?  Is this a problem with Windows 7?


I know I.m using an old version, but any thoughts would be appreciated as I have spent several days now trying to get this to work.  Thanks in advance.