FOWLP/Silcon/InFO/GDSII toolkit

Discussion created by kendall_hiles on Apr 8, 2016

We are working on Xpedition automation for silicon based packaging technologies.  We have started a new toolkit similar to AATK>FlipChip.  Part of the new WLP toolkit features Xpedition integration with Calibre DRV, creating GDSII from Xpedition that is faster loading and has less acute angles and custom via shapes and rotations. It also includes HyperLynx Rules for those running on a Windows platform.


If you or your company is doing Wafer Level Fan Out, Fan In, TSMC InFO, using Calibre for DRC, or outputting GDSII or from Xpedition, let me know.   I would like to understand your process and what is causing you pain in your current flow. Even if you are using APD, SIP, AutoCAD, Custom IC tools..., send me an email.  We are seeing orders of magnitude in Time To Market with this toolkit.


Kendall Hiles CID

Sr. Enterprise Solutions Applications Engineer Consultant