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PADS2004sp2 OLE connection fail on Windows 8.x

Question asked by paul4 on Apr 17, 2016
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I have been using PADS2004sp2 for a long time, and even though I am registered and licensed for up to PADS9.2, I prefer the older version for several reasons. I realize that it is not officially supported on newer operating systems, and it installs and runs well on XP, I have also used it on Vista and Win7 with some finagling and updating of certain applications and DLLs. I have also gotten it to install and run on my Win8 laptop, but I discovered that the OLE connections between Logic and Layout (and presumably also Blaze router) no longer work. The error message is basically "cannot connect". I also have a utility which uses the OLE connection as described in the VB script examples, although this is created using Borland Delphi 4, and I also get an error message, with "OLE error 80040202". I have a desktop computer with Win7 that I plan to use for PCB design, but sometimes I like to work on the laptop, and I also might consider upgrading to Win10 if it will work. I tried to find information on what might have changed with the OLE server on Win8 from Win7, but no joy. Any ideas? Thanks!