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Mixing Variants

Question asked by gw@byk on Apr 20, 2016
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I have a little problem using / understanding Variants. The simple things are clear to me, so I can specify "Variant 1" has R1 placed, but not R2, while "Variant 2" has R2 placed instead of R1.


So Far - so Good, but here is my problem: I have one design, with two global options - "Device 1" and "Device 2" - each device can be equipped with either "Module 1" or "Module 2". I specified a variant for "Device 1", "Device 2", "Module 1" and "Module 2" and want now to specify a Variant (Group?) with the following combinations:

*    "Device 1" with "Module 1",

*    "Device 1" with "Module 2",

*    "Device 2" with "Module 1" or

*    "Device 2" with "Module 2",


When I define a "Variant Group" I can see Device 1 and Module 1 but they are not combined - neither is a combined BOM exported. Or do I have to generate one variant for each of the above mentioned combination?


I appreciate every hint, thanks a lot in advance,


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