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Find ASCII Carriage Return and Line-Feed in all library

Question asked by dbertocchi on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by dbertocchi

Hi to all


In my library -> part editor -> description -> text box, I have a generic description, copied in the past and now from excel, using

ctrl+c / ctrl+v

In this way all ascii characters are copied ( olso Carriage Return and Line-Feed ).



When I import Gencad file in other software, there are many errors, solve erasing CR and LF using NOTEPAD++.



It's boring editing every time gencad  file.

I tryed to extract library data using Report-Writer and open mdl ; or creating report *.rpc, but all times those output clear automatically CR and LF and so

I can't find description "wrong" .

Advanced library editor do not work on "description"


Any one have Idea how find Carriage Return and Line-Feed ? Tnks