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How to make reuse to also remember refdes locations?

Question asked by rafal on Apr 21, 2016
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I am using PADS Logic and Pads Layout (VX.1.1) combination (Standard Plus) and I am using physical design reuse (PDR) the first time. My issue is that after creating the reuse and then making another copy of the reuse the reference designator locations are reset back to the component origin and not maintained. I have over twenty identical channels and I really do not want to have to place all reference designators by hand.


I create the "make reuse" by selecting everything within my board (which only contains the layout for one channel right now), then save to a file. I then select the components for the next channel from PADS Logic via cross-probing and then click "make like reuse", select the .reu file I created and the reuse is duplicated just fine, except the reference designators have been reset back to component origin.


How can I make the reuse to retain the reference designator locations?